Since 2009 travel photography has become a big part of 333 and of Evan’s and Jeff’s careers. He now has this necessity to collect photographs from around the world like a stamp collector saves his own little treasures in a nice little book. For what started out as simple enjoyment has become a big part of his personal goals and how he defines himself as a photographer.

Regardless of the challenges we face, we are still very happy with what we do on the daily. This is the main reason we will not “escape” for more than two to four weeks at a time because there is no real need for more unless the trip itself requires it. Escape is such a poor word to describe our travels, considering how much we love our job. Everybody has their own meaning of the word escape and in our case it is no doubt from the commissioned projects that we love so dearly. Like any company such as 333, we help others reach their goals and dreams. We feel a strong satisfaction when they achieve these goals because of the work that our team has done.

Like any artist there will always be that small personal side project that begs for a little attention though. So we ask ourselves again; how do we describe the “escape” that we experience every time we travel, and the the answer is quite simple; it is time off to focus on our own personal goals and projects to feed our artistic core. If we did not take the time to nourish the creativity within, then our commercial work would become mundane, flat and lifeless.

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