InfoPresse, Cogeco Métromédia, and Équiterre have teamed up to present a new web series that demonstrates the creation process behind an advertising campaign. This time though, the mandate is a little bit different; the timeframe is only two full days! Fourteen candidates from different agencies will be teamed up and put to the test to create their unique grande ideé (big idea). Only time will tell to see which concept will reign over the other.

To launch this new web series, 333 was approached by Cogeco and Agence La Base to photograph an interesting idea in itself. Etienne Savaria from the amazing typographic collective Garbage Beauty, created a beautiful calligraphic which was drawn directly on the foreheads of two individuals. We were really eager to work on this project as we have a great understanding of photographing typography embedded within a real life setting.

To add a little level of difficulty though, the illustrations were done at Metro Place Des Arts to maintain the theme of public transport. It is always a challenge when working within the confines of a live location. Makeup, styling, illustrations, and the actual photography of the concept had to be done within a five hour window. The entire joint-team worked seamlessly to bring this unique idea to fruition. In the end we were extremely happy with the results.

Check out the first of two campaign images for La Grande Idée!

To follow the web series head over to Info Presse
Also check out Cogeco’s Facebook page where you can receive live updates of the project.

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